De Koepel- Haarlem, The Netherlands

Project: De Koepel- Haarlem
Location: The Netherlands

The former prison and the buildings around it are being redeveloped on the initiative of the Panopticon foundation with the aim of giving the monumental dome prison and the surrounding grounds a public/social purpose, with academic education at its heart.


Hermans Techniek supplied and installed Therma- Tube pre-insulated steel pipes for the heat and cold storage installation from the Koepel to other facilities on the site, such as the new hotel. For the restaurant we installed pipes for an emergency connection. We also supplied and installed PE pipe for the sprinkler system.

Supply and installation of Therma-Tube pre-insulated steel pipes from DN50. DN80 and DN100 and PE pipes.

After the renovation, the dome will offer space for academic education, cinema, business activities and catering. In addition, art and culture.